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Guess what? Each book in the Tales by Moons-Light™ series has a plot that involves DNA forensics! That’s right! If you like watching shows like Forensic Files and CSI, you’ll love reading Mateo and the Gift of Presence and the upcoming book in the series, Elvia and the Gift of Feeling Deeply.

Ruthy Ballard, the author, is a real-life forensic scientist, a professor at California State University, Sacramento, and a forensic DNA expert witness for the courts. She’s been working in the field of forensic science for more than 20 years. No wonder she writes about it!

Let’s look a bit deeper…

The main character in Mateo and the Gift of Presence is a 10-year-old boy named Mateo Marino. He’s a laid-back kid who doesn’t brood about the past or worry about the future. He likes to hang out in the present moment, in his imagination. This upsets his parents, who have lofty ambitions for him, and he feels unappreciated.

But all that changes when he disappears through a crack in his bedroom ceiling. Mateo is on the way to a grand adventure across the galaxy, to a planet named Urth. But back home, his desperate parents only know that he’s missing, and they assume he’s been abducted. What other explanation is there?

The Marinos post “Missing Boy!” posters all over town, and volunteers pour in to help with the search, while the police begin tracking down possible suspects. But it isn’t until the cops find a bloodstained dishtowel in the kitchen that the case goes into overdrive. Suddenly, the police have a lead!

Forensic DNA in the Tales by Moons-Light Series mateo

Through a series of twists and turns, the DNA on the towel leads the police to an innocent man named Jimmy Albini, and a trial ensues. But will Jimmy go to prison? Or will Mateo come home in time to save him? Find out in Chapters 24 and 25!

Forensic DNA in the Tales by Moons-Light Series gift of feeling deeply In Elvia and the Gift of Feeling Deeply, the main character, Elvia Hill, disappears while on an adventure safari with her parents in Tanzania, Africa. Elvia’s on Urth, but everyone thinks she’s been swallowed by a lion!

Ruthy’s readers will soon find out how DNA forensics figures into the search for Elvia.

Spoiler: This romping tale involves a lion biologist, a witch doctor, a corrupt Tanzanian official, and a sweet couple who lost their own daughter to an animal snatching, and run an organization called Parents of Swallowed Children.

Look for the book online and in stores later this year!