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Elvia and the Gift of Feeling Deeply

Tales by Moons-Light Series

Elvia and the gift of feeling deeply

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Coming in 2018!

Earl and Sally Hill are reluctant to take their feisty nine-year-old daughter Elvia on vacation to Tanzania, Africa. But she’s so moody that they can’t find anyone to babysit her, so they take her along anyway, hoping for the best.

Unfortunately, their worst fears come true. Elvia disappears from Tembo National Park, apparently the victim of a lion snatching! A massive search ensues, involving a corrupt park director, a delusional lion expert, a witchdoctor, and a compassionate couple who run a non-profit organization called Parents of Swallowed Children.

But Elvia isn’t in the belly of a lion. She’s on a planet called Urth, on the other side of the galaxy, with a beautiful “uppy” named Lacie who takes her on a delightful voyage aboard a cruising submarine to a mysterious island called Amdar. Along the way, Elvia meets a 10-year-old boy with the unlikely name of Rats, who is also from Earth and shares an exciting secret. And she learns, too, that she has an amazing and powerful gift: the gift of Feeling Deeply. 

Taming and channeling her gift is Elvia’s great challenge, and in a tiny room at the top of the Amdar Lighthouse, she begins her training. But will she finish it in time to save Rats from a terrible catastrophe? And, in the end, will she be allowed to return to Earth to end her parents’ nightmare? Or will she be trapped forever on Amdar, unable to find her way home?

Author: Ruthy Ballard
Publisher: Spinning Wheel Press
Language: English
Genre: Middle Grade (9-12)

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